Vocational education is education within vocational schools that prepares people for a specific trade. It directly develops expertise in techniques related to technologyskill and scientific technique to span all aspects of the trade. Vocational education is classified as using procedural knowledge.

Vocational education can be at the secondarypost-secondary level, further education, and higher education level and can interact with the apprenticeship system. Increasingly, vocational education can be recognized in terms ofrecognition of prior learning and partial academic credit towards tertiary education (e.g., at a university) as credit.

As the labour market becomes more specialized and require higher levels of skill, governments and businesses are increasingly investing in the future of vocational education through publicly funded training organizations and subsidized apprenticeship or traineeship initiatives for businesses. At the post-secondary level vocational education is typically provided by an institute of technology/polytechnicuniversity, or by a local community college.

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